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Are these mental health apps free or do I have to pay?

All of the apps mentioned in this article have a free version. However, some require a subscription or one-time payment to unlock all of the features:
•  Headspace – $12.99/month
•  Ensõ – $2.99
•  MoodKit – $4.99
•  Calm – $14.99/month
•  Quit That! – FREE
•  MindDoc – $8.99
•  Youper – $12.99
•  Talkspace – $79/week
•  PTSD Coach – FREE
•  MoodMission – $4.99

Do I need any certifications to run a mental health app?

This depends on the features you plan to offer. If you plan to provide in-person or online therapy, medicine delivery, or any service that typically requires the involvement of a licensed practitioner, you (or the providers) will need the appropriate qualifications. It’s best to do your own research before developing a mental health app. If you hire Idea Maker to develop your app, we can help you find all the necessary information.

Will mental health apps completely take over in-person therapies soon?

That’s difficult to predict. However, as mental health mobile apps continue to develop, there‘s a real possibility that they could eventually take over in-person therapy sessions.

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